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RETIRED ADULT DOGS: updated 01-11-2019

We do not always have adults that we are retiring but when we do, I will post it here. We do not ask for money for our retired dogs because they have worked hard for us and deserve a good retirement home. We only place them in the best homes and we vet people pretty closely before we let them go. We strive to retire our females at about 5 years of age. The Shih Tzu breed normally live to be 14-18 years old.

All preventative such as immunizations, Rabies, heartworm preventative, etc... have been done. All of our adults are given a shot every 6 months with ProHeart for heartworm prevention. The only preventative we have not done is dental. So that being said, all of our retired dogs will need to go to the vet for a good teeth cleaning and exam. We do give baby carrots to help keep their teeth clean weekly and we only give dry food.

All of our adults are doggie door trained but having said that, they are in smaller areas so if you are introducing them to a home environment you will need to work with them on this. They are all very smart and we have been told by people that have adopted retired dogs from us that they were very easy to housetrain and they have been very happy with their dogs.

We have our retired dogs spayed/neutured before they go to their new adopted homes. We do not want them bred anymore and this ensures that won't happen.