We breed happy,

well socialized shih Tzu & designer breed puppies


Simon and Theodore!  Born 05-09-2018 and they are 15 weeks old!  Both are available!

They are very much enjoying being outdoors and playing in the grass!

A second video of Simon and Theo!!! 

This is Daisy and Louie!  Louie is not for sale but Daisy is still available!  She is a Mal Shi, Born 06-22-2018 and she is 9 weeks old.  She is playing in the grass for the first time!

Here is a second video of Daisy and Louie!!

This is Rosie and Koda, two Shihpoo puppies born 06-27-2018.  They are almost 9 weeks old!  This is their very first time in grass and they are fascinated with it!

This is a second video of Rosie and Koda!!

This is Oscar and Toby, two Shihpoo pups, born 06-27-2018.  They are almost 9 weeks old and this is their first time on grass!!

A second video of Oscar and Toby!!