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well socialized shih Tzu & designer breed puppies


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This page is to place a deposit on a future puppy. Please let us know which breed and sex you are placing the deposit on and we will get you added to the list.

Let me be clear on how the process works.


You must specify what sex and breed puppy you are placing a deposit on.

If you specify boy then you are on the list for a male.

If you specify female, then you are on the list for a female.

If you are not sure of the sex you want then
I will place you on the list for both, but you must specify this.

Where you are on the list depends of if you are first, second or third
to place a deposit for the sex and breed you are requesting.

If you are first and don't know what sex you want,
then you will get pick of the litter for both male and female.

I do ask that you make your choice within 10 days of birth, preferably sooner,
especially if I have others waiting for you to pick so they can pick their pup.

Deposits are nonrefundable. If you decide you just can't complete the purchase,
I am happy to transfer deposit to another future puppy, within reason.

Prices are as follows:

I do give a 10% discount for 2nd time buyers and people purchasing 2 pups.  The 10% is off the 2nd puppy and lower priced puppy.

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When you are placing a deposit for a future puppy please call and let us know beforehand so we will know if you are wanting a male or female and at that point we can let you know if there is anyone ahead of you on the list for that specific sex, color, etc.... These prices can vary a little depending on coloration, age, etc....but this is what we usually get for our pups.   I do ask that all puppies be paid in full by 7 weeks unless prior arrangements have been made.


Deposit for Future Puppy

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Future Puppy


We do offer stud service for Levi, a red Standard Poodle or any of our small breed males.  We reserve the right to pick of the litter or the stud fee.   We require you bring the female to us and leave her during the time of their breeding period.