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We breed happy,

well socialized shih Tzu & designer breed puppies



PLEASE NOTE: All of my adults' hair is kept short so that it is easier to keep them clean and healthly.  

New females for breeding!

We have quite a few new females for breeding.  We are waiting for them to get old enough to breed and will put pictures of them on the website at that time.  We don't breed our females the first cycle and they must be about 14 months or older before their first breeding.  It won't be long now!  We have Coco, a gorgeous liver with white marking Shih Tzu, Rosie a beautiful gold with black mask Shih Tzu, Sami, a stunning solid black Shih Tzu, and Mocha, a gorgeous liver with white chest Shih Tzu that will be added to our program when they are old enough.  We also have Ziva and Abbi, two white Bichon Frise females that will be added when old enough!