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I try to get my puppies listed on the website as soon as possible because I know this is a lot of money to spend. This allows potential buyers time to make payments in increments if they need to before the puppies turn 8 weeks and are ready for their new homes.

The first picture is a group pic.  The 2nd is of the females, the 3rd and 4th are the boys and the 5th are the females.


Goldie, our little liver and white Shih Tzu went into season on 02-25-2018 and she has been put with Charlie, our tiny liver Shih Tzu.  These pups will be AKC registered.  Goldie and Charlie had their pups 05-06-2018!  2 boys and 2 girls!  One female, the chocolate is spoken for already.  All others are available!  Pictures above!

Madison our little chocolate/liver AKC registered Shih Tzu is in season and we have put her with Casper, our little Maltese.  These pups will be Mal Shi!  Due date should be in about 2 months.  Will give more definite date later.

GOOD NEWS!   Juno and Clio should both be bred with Sebastian, our Standard Poodle!  We will hopefully
have Sheepadoodle pups the first part of August. Pictures of all are on the FaithsLittleAngels News page.

We are currently accepting deposits on these future litters. If for some reason they do not have pups then we will apply your deposit toward the next litter.

 Update on Clio and Juno!!!! Both are due soon!  Both are very pregnant and Juno is due 8-7 and Clio is due 8-11.  I am not sure they will both go that long but that is the estimated date of delivery based on the tie dates.  

Molly, my Bichon is in season and we have put her with Jaxon, our little Shih Tzu.  These two usually have gorgeous pups that are tri-colored.  She should be due around the first of October!


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I have a couple of females due to go into season anytime and will update when they do.  

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Please keep in mind that I don't always get pups when these guys are bred. It is rare for this to happen but it has happened in the past. If that turns out to be the case I will, of course, notify you if you have placed a deposit or been put on a waiting list just as soon as I know.

These are all the projected pups for now!  I have several that are due to go into season shortly!