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United Airlines as implemented new guidelines and they are no longer allowing any of the short nosed breeds like the Shih Tzu to be shipped in the Pet Safe Program.  In addition, they have included the Shih Tzu mixed breeds also.  This is very disappointing to us because it does hurt our business but there appears nothing we can do about this new policy.  We do understand the Shih Tzu breed being banned, but, it makes no sense to not allow the mixed breeds since they DO NOT have short snouts.  Apparently, they worked with the Humane Society in making this decision and did not bother to consult with reputable breeders on this matter.  I attempted to contact them at corporate but got no further than the operator.  


I have found a very nice Pet Nanny and if you need shipping and don't wish to fly into DFW or Love Field in Dallas, then this is a good option.  Prices will be anywhere from $350.00 to $500.00 with the average price being around 400.00.  The reason for the variation is because of layovers, overnight hotels, etc...If you opt to use the Pet Nanny then you would pay him cash at the airport when the puppy is delivered.  You pay me for the price of the puppy and the Pet Nanny for shipping at delivery.

Regular shipping for non Shih Tzu/Shih Tzu mixes is $350.00

Again, our sincere apologies for this new inconvenience.