We breed happy,

well socialized shih Tzu & designer breed puppies


This is video of little Stella and Molly, 2 of our little Bichpoo puppies!  They are 7 weeks old and already sold!  08-20-2017

This is video dated 08-20-2017 of our little Bichpoo pups , Toby and Maggie.  Both are sold and they are 7 weeks old.

This is video dated 08-20-2017 of the 2 remaining Bichpoo puppies, Charlie and Teddy.  They are 7 weeks old and both are available.  

This is video of our little Bichpoo female puppies, Maggie, Molly, and Stella!  They are all sold.  They were born on 07-03-2017 and are just beginning to develope their little personalities!

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This is video of my little Bichpoo males, Charlie, Toby, and Teddy.  They are all still available and are getting more active everyday!  They were born on 07-03-2017.