We breed happy,

well socialized shih Tzu & designer breed puppies



We now have Sheepadoodle puppies!  We have two litters with 9 in one litter and 10 in the other from our two Old English Sheepdogs Clio and Juno!  Sebastian is the sire.

This is an unusual breed and we are hoping that it will be a success!

We will still be doing our Shih Tzu, Mal Shi, Shihpoo, Shihchon and Bichpoo pups
but wanted to try something different for customers that prefer the larger breed dogs.
We remain small but are branching out into the large breed to

see if there is a market for it. I hope you will love this breed as much as we do.
Our Old English Sheepdog pups, Juno and Clio and our Poodle,
Sebastian have been a wonderful, rambunctious addition to our family and
we are thoroughly enjoying them! I have loaded a video below of
what life is like in the Melton family with these clowns in the family!
Believe it or not, they recently had baths but they like to get in the
swimming pool and then roll in the grass and dig in the yard so
their faces stay dirty as a result! It makes my wife a little crazy since
she is OCD about cleanliness with the dogs! LOL

They are happy, well adjusted pups and we love them dearly!

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UPDATE: Both Clio and Juno have gone through their first season and when they go into their next season we will be breeding them! Probably in the April or May timeframe!

UPDATE: Both Clio and Juno have been bred with Sebastian and we are hopeful of having pups in late August!